West Yorkshire Sexual Violence Action Partnership ( WYSVAP)

Introduction - Purpose

This Partnership has come together as the vehicle for:

    1. Co-operative working between members to improve service-provision for survivors/victims of sexual violenceand to work towards the elimination of sexual violence in all its forms.
    2. Enabling member organisations to submit joint funding bids and contract for tenders that further their own objectives and to which they can contribute effectively
    3. Innovations and synergy in service effectiveness and development
    4. Supporting the on-going operation and development of member organisations
    5. Enabling the effective use of resources

Bradford Specialist Sexual Violence and Abuse Advisory Group 2009 - 2014

BSSVAAG was a pilot project to create an innovative and action-focused joint working forum - led by the specialist sexual violence sector in Bradford. It acted as a template for the development of West Yorkshire Sexual Violence Action Partnership (WYSVAP). BSSVAAG operated for over 5 years and ran a number of conferences whilst collaboratively creating a signposting website for West Yorkshire - called the Matrix.

Its series of conferences ran at The University of Bradford between 2011 and 2014 looking at a range of issues, from male survivors, to the future of specialist service provision and collaborative working within an evolving specialist sector environment.

You can access the male conference - Invisible Boys and Men here.

You can access - What we know, Where we are, Where we could go below:

Survivors from Working Academy @ Bradford Uni on Vimeo.

Taking back control from Working Academy @ Bradford Uni on Vimeo.

Staying Hopeful from Working Academy @ Bradford Uni on Vimeo.

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