Survivors West Yorkshire is committed to delivering support which uses the geographical reach of cloud based software platforms to offer survivors (across West Yorkshire) access to professionally trained, evaluated and evidenced support.

We are currently actively pursuing funding to enable the testing of a fully integrated collaborative one-stop virtual hub for sexual violence-abuse survivors. Its aim to allow survivors to empower themselves across a range of service options – both via the cloud and off-line. *Currently we are not funded to provide such innovative survivor centred services. Until we can obtain funding – we are only able to offer a bespoke off-line signposting service via email.

Please use the following link to contact us and let is know your gender and general location – which will help us to support you with a service road map to help you. It would also be helpful if you could tell us what type of services your looking for – one to one, group counselling for example. However, we will work with you to create an options plan which you can self-explore to empower your recovery journey. Your making one of the most important decisions in your life in seeking support.

Many of us have travelled the road your about to journey – recovery happens and it happens well – be kind to yourself and take your time – the silence is breaking and we are here to support – you are not alone anymore. We aim to responded within 48 hrs. If we don’t get back to you – chase us up – we never intentionally fail to answer. We’re here to support you – leaving you in silence is at an end.

If you’re in crisis please contact the following services who are available 24 hrs